Development Of Pulp Molding In Foreign Countries

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Papermaking is one of China’s four major inventions, but with the development of science and technology, papermaking technology has surpassed China in some developed countries in the West. Some developed countries have more than 80 years of history in the pulp molding industry. At present, the pulp molding industry in France, the United States, Japan, Canada, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Singapore, the Netherlands and other countries have already reached a considerable scale. The characteristics of foreign pulp molding development mainly have the following four characteristics.
(1) A wide range of applications. For example, automotive products, electronic products, hardware appliances, consumer goods, medical appliances, household goods, office products, etc., pulp molded products have even been applied to sales packaging.
(2) Adopt computer-aided design method. The model of pulp molded products is designed using 3D computer software, such as PROE/Engineer, Solid-woks, etc. According to the data files of the design model, the rapid prototyping machine can be used to directly manufacture the forming mold and product principle. It is also possible to transfer data files into the manufacturing software Master can and directly perform mold processing in the CNC machining center. This technology is currently only available to individual companies in China.
(3) Standardization and modularization of product design. In the production of pulp molded articles, mold costs are one of the important costs. Foreign manufacturers pay attention to the wide application and good versatility in the design and application of pulp molded products.
   (4) The production equipment is advanced and the process is reasonable. Compared with China, it is characterized by pressure drying technology, direct hot pressing, no need for oven, and energy consumption is greatly reduced; the degree of machine automation is very high, almost completely automated, saving energy.

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