Dyed Pulp Molding

Dyed pulp molded articles are a three-dimensional papermaking technique. It uses waste paper as a raw material and shapes a certain shape of paper products on a molding machine by a special mold.
Dyeing pulp molding is an environmentally friendly product recommended by the world’s environmental protection department. In the production process, it attaches great importance to environmental protection work, and the impact of its three wastes on environmental protection, from the main raw materials used to the entire production process. At the end of the day, its environmental awareness is very strong. The raw material of dyed pulp molding is waste paper, and in the production process, it is mainly physical reaction. Only a small amount of chemical substances are added as waterproofing agent, and these chemical materials are basically all retained in the finished product after the product is dried, The discharge causes environmental pollution; the water used in the production line is closed and recycled, but the water vapor is volatilized to the space when the product is dried, and no water is needed in the production process, so the water consumption is not large.
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