High-Grade Environmentally Friendly Pulp Paper Tray

The pulp molded product is made of paper scraps and white pure wood pulp. It is molded and adsorbed, and then dried and shaped. It has easy degradation and 100% recyclable environmental protection. And with its unique geometric shape to achieve excellent shock, impact, anti-static, non-corrosive effect, low cost, 100% recyclable environmental protection, shockproof excellent characteristics. It can replace EPS.PS foamed products. Can also be made into a variety of toy crafts.
In the production process of environmentally friendly paper trays, no waste water will appear and no exhaust gas will be discharged. In the process of production, it is closed with water and then used repeatedly. The main raw materials used in production are unusable papers, which are very rich in source and very cheap, and are a comprehensive development and use of waste. It has the function of buffering and preventing damage during the process of storing, transporting and selling the packaged articles. Its waste is like ordinary paper and can be repeatedly produced and used. Even if thrown in nature, like ordinary paper, it is very easy to be rotted and broken down into plant fibers.
The environmentally-friendly paper tray cushions the packaged item and protects it from damage. It is reflected by the elasticity of the fiber itself and its well-designed cavity structure. After a lot of practice and testing, it is enough to protect EPS from the packaged items. It is the best environmentally friendly alternative to EPS.
The storage of food will evaporate the water. If it is packed with plastic, its moisture will not be emitted. This will cause the food to rot, while the former has good gas permeability, and the water can be freely distributed, thus preventing corrosion. The role.
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