Netherlands Egg Market

It is reported that the Dutch will eat 35 million eggs during Easter. According to estimates by the Dutch Egg Trade Association, every Dutchman will eat 2 eggs during the entire Easter weekend. On average, the Dutch eat only 2 eggs a week. Last year, the Dutch averaged 195 eggs per person, three more than the 2012 average. In 2000, the Dutch only ate 180 eggs a year, and the average annual per capita consumption of eggs increased by one.
Colorful Easter eggs are a new trend that is beginning to become popular. Sales of colored boiled eggs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are thriving. A spokesperson for the Dutch Egg Trade Association said that Dutch consumers still need a period of adaptation to colored eggs.
Easter eggs seem to have been customary, and Brazil in the southern hemisphere is no exception. According to a recent study by the St. Paul’s Institute of Puguang, during the Easter period, the price of eggs in São Paulo rose by 160.84% year-on-year.

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