Pulp Molded Furniture

The material of pulp furniture is paper fiber, mainly from two kinds of waste: one is waste paper and the other is wheat straw. Turning these two kinds of waste into pulp furniture can be divided into five steps: the materials are manually sorted, placed in a pulper for fiber separation, molded, dried, and finally trimmed.

     If you want to make it more weighty, you can add some additives, such as reinforcing agents, sizing agents, etc. before molding. Its drying method can be divided into natural drying, hot air drying, far infrared radiation drying, microwave heating drying.

     If waste newspapers are used as raw materials, the process of deinking and decontamination should be added during the production; the use of straw is not necessary to worry about pollution, and the finished product is white, more environmentally friendly and greener, suitable for children’s furniture.

     When the pulp furniture encounters water, can it still maintain its shape? He heard an unexpected experiment when he heard this question.

     A solid pulp stool was made from the waste newspaper, but it was not placed in a professional drying appliance, but placed on a balcony on the third floor to let it dry naturally. Unexpectedly, it rained that night. I went to work the next day and went to the balcony to check the stool. The surface was wet, but I did not change it by hand. So she put the stool on the balcony and continued to dry naturally. After drying, the shape of the stool remains the same, the only change is that the upward side is stained with rain and some yellow.

     The main material of pulp molded furniture is paper fiber. It can make the shape rich and change, get rid of the concept and form of traditional furniture, and not use the conventional auxiliary materials such as adhesives and paints. It is light, fashionable, safe and pollution-free. In the design of the design, because the paper material is rich and varied, it can be used to have both retro and modern styles; in terms of material texture, this kind of furniture has the texture effect of wood, rattan and textile, elegant and solemn and breathable. good. If it is children’s furniture, children can also be drawn on paper furniture to become a unique piece of furniture.

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