Pulp Paper Tray Packaging Materials

Pulp Paper tray packaging materials—-cane pulp introduction
In the paper tray packaging industry, sugar cane pulp and corrugated pulp are the most used paper tray packaging materials. Sugarcane pulp is a kind of pulp. It is made from sugarcane waste bagasse as raw material, and is prepared by hydraulic pulping and high temperature sterilization. The concentration of the slurry. Domestic paper tray packaging manufacturers generally use imported sugar cane pulp and buy it back in the form of sugar cane pulp board.
Sugar cane pulp tray packaging
The punched sugar cane slurry is vacuum-adsorbed into a wet blank product (paper tray packaging body) on a special metal mold, and the formed wet blank is dried and hot pressed into the desired paper tray packaging style. .
Sugarcane bagasse is a by-product of the sugar factory. The supply is highly concentrated. It uses sugar cane pulp to save a lot of wood in paper-based packaging and other industries. It meets the economic requirements of the national recycling and environmental protection policies, and wastes resources.
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Pulp and paper packaging products made from sugar cane pulp are widely used in industries including electronics, electrical appliances, communication equipment, computer accessories, glass, ceramics, lighting, handicrafts, cosmetics, health products, wine, fruits, eggs, and the like.

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