Pulp Paper Tray Packaging Production Process

The production process of pulp paper tray is divided into dry pressing method and wet pressing method:
Dry pressing paper tray: In short, dry or dry and then hot pressed. The specific characteristics are as follows:
Environmental protection
Raw waste paper, recyclable, free of chemicals, no pollution
The inner fiber is well formed and shockproof, and the three-dimensional strength structure has good protection for the product.
Can be stacked for storage, reducing 1/2 storage space
The unit price is lower than the styrofoam; the outer packaging volume is slightly smaller, and the container multi-package product reduces the cost.
Moisture proof
It can absorb excess water during transportation and enhance the moisture-proof effect of the product.
Use environmentally friendly packaging to enhance the company’s product image and avoid international trade barriers
Fine paper tray customization
Wet pressure paper tray:

  1. Raw materials: using log (paper) pulp, sugar cane pulp, newsprint, black cardboard, etc. as raw materials for production, existing pure white, milky white, gray, black and other colors for your choice, are environmentally friendly materials, health indicators reach food grade , passed the US FDA test.
  2. Quality: The surface of the product is bright and beautiful, setting off the brand product grade and enhancing the added value of the product.
  3. Technology: It adopts hot pressing one-time forming technology, which has high production efficiency and guarantees timely delivery.
  4. Environment: Designed as a fully enclosed air-conditioning production workshop according to food-grade standards, clean and tidy.
    5, product appearance: high finish, paper tray through the upper and lower mold molding, both inside and outside can achieve the same smooth, not rough, no hair;
    6, product accuracy: due to the speciality of the equipment, the mold is processed by the CNC center, the minimum rounded corner can reach R2, the precision is extremely high, can completely match every angle of the product, like a close-fitting underwear to protect the product;
    7, not easy to deform: through the mold drying process of the equipment, the paper tray produced only contains 1% of water, so the storage in nature will not be deformed due to weathering of water;
  5. Scope of application: Our paper tray is suitable for some high-end, light, exquisite and electronic products that are designed to increase the added value of your products. The company currently supplies paper trays for mobile phones, digital electronic products, set-top boxes, cosmetics, repeaters and small medical devices.
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