Pulp Paper Tray Packaging

(1) Pulp molded products are made of plant fiber pulp or waste paper products which can be completely recycled and recycled, and are made of a unique process technology, which is widely used for food (medicine) products, electrical packaging, Non-polluting technology-based green products in the fields of seedlings, medical utensils, handicraft blanks and fragile liner packaging.
(2) With the development of industry, a large amount of fluorine-containing substances have risen into the atmosphere, causing extensive destruction of the ozone layer on which humans depend. In the Antarctic and the Arctic, thousands of kilometers of ozone holes have been formed, giving the earth’s ecological environment. This has caused great harm. To this end, the United Nations Environmental Protection Agency convened a worldwide environmental conference. In 1998, the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer were adopted, clearly defining the countries of the world. It is gradually being used less until the fluorine-containing substance that destroys the ozone layer is banned from entering the atmosphere.
(3) In recent years, many of the drawbacks of plastic products, especially expanded polystyrene (EPS) products, of one of the three major packaging materials have become increasingly serious, and have become a “white pollution”. The waste treatment of these polystyrene foam packagings causes serious pollution to the environment. Combustion destroys the Earth’s atmospheric ozone layer; the accumulation of geological structures is caused by the inability to corrode. These foamed plastic wastes have caused great damage to the global environment. Switching to degradable environmentally friendly packaging materials, eliminating “white pollution” and improving people’s living environment have become the requirements of international and domestic regulations.
(4) Tableware products and industrial packaging products produced by pulp molding technology are truly environmentally friendly products. They use natural plant fiber or waste paper as raw materials, and there is no pollution during the production process and use process. In addition to its positive role in replacing disposable plastic tableware, pulp molded products are also widely used in the packaging of industrial products, especially electronic products. Pulp molded products are gradually entering the mainstream of commercial activities, and it is currently the most foamed plastic products. The best alternative products, the pulp molding products industry is booming.
(v) Pulp molded products are developing rapidly and have good prospects because of their unique performance advantages:
(1) The process technology is simple and practical, and the production process is basically non-polluting and meets the requirements of clean production. In addition, in the process of the production line, in addition to the high quality requirements of the automatic control system management, the rest are skilled, and can be mastered after short-term training, and the localization of the equipment is very high, which is very conducive to the popularization of the project. Promotion, which is also a convenient condition for quickly exerting the environmental advantages of pulp molded products.
(2) Wide source of raw materials and low cost. It mainly uses waste paper or annual herb fiber pulp. The raw materials can be adapted to local conditions, and they are inexhaustible and inexhaustible.
(3) It has good shock resistance and cushioning properties, and uses suspension to produce excellent adsorption, which can effectively protect the product from damage during transportation.
(4) Light weight, low recycling cost, and can be used repeatedly.
(5) Protective, interchangeable and decorative performance.
(6) From the use of production to the disposal of waste, there is no pollution to the environment, water consumption in the production process is small, no wastewater is discharged, and environmental pollution is reduced.
(7) Good air permeability, which has unique advantages for the packaging of fresh products.
(8) Pulp molded products have good water absorption, hydrophobicity and heat insulation. When making pulp, various additives can be added according to customer’s requirements, so that the product is resistant to acid, alkali, light, water, oil, leakage and deformation.
(9) Modern production technology can achieve high-speed, automated mass production.
(10) Compared with traditional packaging materials, such as styrofoam (EPS), EPE foaming, etc., the volume is small and can be stacked and stored, saving storage space and transportation costs.
(11) According to the different requirements of users, the surface quality, color, graphics and other appearance elements of the product can be post-processed to meet the needs of product display.
(6) Because pulp molded products have sufficient raw materials, the production process is pollution-free, wide application range, low cost, light weight, high strength, plasticity, cushioning, interchangeability, good decoration performance, and can be used repeatedly. With the characteristics of recycling and reproduction, it has strong vitality and broad application prospects, and its economic value and replacement status have been recognized by the international community.
(7) According to the scope of application, pulp molding mainly has two categories of disposable environmental protection tableware and environmentally friendly packaging products, which have been widely used.
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