Range of Pulp Paper Trays

In everyday life, the use of paper is indispensable for everyone. So what about the use of paper trays? What is the field and method of paper tray use?
In general, the pulp product is mainly the use of waste paper that we do not need as the most fundamental raw material, and then from time to time to grind and occasionally add some over-pulped material, and then through the process of forming, boring and shaping plastics An environmentally friendly paper-plastic finished product.
Because paper is a kind of softer material, the paper tray product made by it is a kind of packaging material for lining cushioning, which is very rare, and also has a long anti-shock. , moisture and anti-static and many other functions.
Paper tray products can be divided into three categories: in order to use paper for industrial use, paper tray for agricultural use and paper tray for food use.
There are differences in the direction and field in which they are used:
1 industrial paper tray: most of them are used in home appliances, medical equipment, power supply materials, lighting lining packaging materials.
2 Agricultural paper trays: Most of them are used for fruits, eggs, and agricultural nutrients.
3 food paper tray: Mostly used in food bowls, pots and food trays used in supermarkets.
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