Shoe Insert Pulp Tree Tray

The shoe insert includes a insert body which is a thin-walled rigid member conforming to the shape of the front of the shoe. The utility model has the advantages that: the shoe insert is made into a thin-walled member which is consistent with the shape of the front shape of the shoe, so that the structure of the shoe insert is simple, the function is highly targeted, and the quality of the shoe insert Tree is made light; In respect, since a handle is also provided on the shoe insert, the grasping of the shoe insert is made more convenient.
Low shoe insert is also called environmentally friendly Pulp paper shoe insert Tree Trays. Using pulp as raw material, it is easy to degrade and repeat reproduction in the natural environment. It has many characteristics such as shockproof, anti-collision, anti-static, anti-corrosion, foldable and light weight. It can be completely replaced but can avoid environmental damage and pollution caused by waste paper, EPS, EPE and other plastic products. With the large-scale export of China’s footwear products, foreign merchants are demanding environmental protection requirements for the production of shoe materials and finished shoes.
The environmentally-friendly pulp shoe tree insert trays is an alternative to traditional products such as foaming, plastic, cardboard and paper balls. Product features: environmentally friendly, degradable, beautiful, moisture-proof, high-strength, anti-static, easy to stack, can be naturally degraded after disposal, and can be recycled.

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