Applicability Study Of Pulp Paper Tray Use Range

The paper tray has put forward a good viewpoint in the development and continuation of the paper in China, especially for the research on the scope of use of paper trays and the applicability of the industry, expounding the detailed and reasonable industrial structure layout, which has played a guiding role in the development direction of paper-based environmental protection in China. .

  1. Egg paper tray. Pulp molded egg tray has a loose material and a unique egg-shaped curved structure, and has better gas permeability, freshness preservation and excellent
    The cushioning and positioning function is especially suitable for large-scale transportation and packaging of eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs and other eggs. Using paper mold egg trays to package fresh eggs, the breakage rate of eggs can be reduced from 8% to 10% of traditional packaging to 2% during long-distance transportation. The retail of eggs in Europe and the United States is generally made into a pulp molded box capable of loading 6 (half a dozen) eggs. The outer surface of the box can be printed with various logo characters according to user requirements to improve the display effect of the counter. At present, the domestic stereotyped products have three kinds of fresh egg trays, zDTP-30-40, zDTP-30-45, zDTP-30-50, which are specified in GB 10443-1989 “Pulp Molded Egg Tray”, which are used for 40-70g respectively. Fresh egg packaging.
  2. Fresh fruit paper tray. Pulp molded fruit paper tray can be molded into a paper tray with fruit curved structure for peach, pear, citrus, apple, pineapple, tomato, etc.
    The fruit, especially the packaging of the exported fruit, can avoid the collision damage of the fruit, and can also dissipate the respiratory heat of the fruit, absorb the evaporated water, inhibit the ethylene concentration, prevent the fruit from rot and deteriorate, prolong the shelf life of the fruit, and play other packaging materials. The role.
  3. Electrical gasket. China’s electrical products use foamed plastic as the lining, but developed countries in Europe have refused to import such packaging, forcing China
    As soon as possible, the lining packaging will be on the road of “representing paper”. The use of paper mold material as a liner has the advantages of good plasticity and strong cushioning force, fully meets the inner packaging requirements of electrical products, and its production process is concise and does not pollute the environment, and the product has strong adaptability and wide application.
  4. Fragile septa. The septa of fragile products such as glass, ceramics and eggs have been replaced by paper scraps and grasses. They are neither standardized nor hygienic.
    The shock absorption effect is also difficult to achieve. The paper tray is easy to make, and it is uniform and uniform after molding, which is convenient for packaging and has strong cushioning and shock absorption capability. Because such products have low requirements on raw material processes, production costs are easy to control and suitable for large-scale production and application.
  5. Agricultural equipment. It is mainly used for the nutrition of alfalfa or other crops, the support of flower seedlings, the packaging of grain, vegetables and fresh meat, and the cluster of silkworms.
    Etc., such as saplings used in landscaping and garden planting, the biggest advantage is that the seedlings can be transplanted without secondary transplanting, and the seeds can be transplanted together with the seedlings after seedling emergence (the carcass can degrade itself), saving labor and time. The survival rate is high, and it will be better if it is combined with afforestation in areas with poor natural conditions such as mountainous deserts.
  6. Food (medicine) packaging. In addition to fast food utensils, many medicines, semi-finished products, cooked foods and convenience foods can be packaged in paper molds, such as cleaning paper trays.
    Instant noodle bowls, containers for the national catering industry, etc., are not only clean and easy to use, but also can be recycled and reused, which is in line with environmental protection and human health requirements.
  7. Medical instruments. The biggest problem in the use of traditional medical instruments is that disinfection is not complete and easy to form cross-infection. If you use disposable paper molds, sputum, potty, body pads, splints, etc., you can not only eliminate the disinfection link, but also save labor. Moreover, its waste can be directly burned without toxic side effects. Moreover, the price of paper molds is moderate, and both doctors and patients are easy to accept, bringing many conveniences to medical care.
  8. Special industry paper tray packaging. Some products are afraid of collision, fear of static electricity, fear of moisture, fear of rust, and require great care in packaging, storage and transportation. The paper mold material can be made into a neutral substance, and has good cushioning force and strong plasticity. It can be protected from moisture, rust and anti-static. The performance can be extended after adding special additives, and the safety factor is large in use.

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