Comparison Of Price And Consumables Between Raw Paper And Plain Paper

Physical component comparison

In the United States, a research unit found that when the circulating fiber in the paper increases, the paper strength will continue to decrease, but when the circulating fiber component exceeds 40%, the paper strength will rise. The general concept is that the recycling process will cause damage to the fiber structure, and the loss of water-based hemicellulose and the original strength agent will weaken the overall paper strength. Later, some people refuted this claim and found that even after six cycles of paper, the change in fiber length is only very small, indicating that there are other factors that cause this phenomenon.

Stone and Scallan’s research report clearly states that during the drying process, the surface area of ​​the pulp shrinks, reducing part of the binding capacity, which often occurs on chemical pulp. Conversely, during the cycle, the lignin in the mechanical pulp is gelatinized, the bonding ability and elasticity are enhanced, and the overall paper strength is increased.

Nowadays, many manufacturers of recycled paper are constantly improving in the production process, in order to bring the characteristics of recycled log wood fiber as close as possible. For example, adding an additive to the chemical slurry or increasing the strength of the paper with a chemical treatment step. However, since the ink and the stain in the paper are not completely removed, the brightness of the paper is reduced as the number of recycled fibers increases. In view of this, the manufacturer will add some filler pigments or use different bleaching steps to increase the brightness. The characteristics of recycled fiber are not all bad, it can increase the opacity of paper, reduce the reflection, and improve the quality of printed products.

From the physical properties of paper, surface strength, water resistance and smoothness are important factors. In addition, in terms of optical characteristics, opacity, brightness, and paper color of the paper are all items to be noted. It is noted that the recycled fibers in the paper change the brightness of the paper, which in turn reduces the expressible color gamut, but does not affect the sharpness of the print.

The use of recycled paper has become more and more popular, and various manufacturers are constantly researching in terms of color gamut, print clarity, quality, etc., in order to obtain better paper characteristics.

price comparison
According to the survey, a two-line letter paper costs 2 yuan, recycled paper as long as 1.50 yuan, the price of other books is also low between one and 40%. Cheaper prices are a feature of recycled paper. Due to the high technology content, the cost of recycled paper is higher than the cost of raw wood pulp paper. In fact, the price per box is 35 yuan lower than that of the wood pulp paper. The main reason is that everyone wants to know and accept this new thing as soon as possible. The recycled paper sales manufacturers try to lower profits and even risk the loss to sell at a low price. I think this kind of flaw will be solved soon. After all, the survival of a company is simply a benefit. If it is always sold in order to change people’s understanding of recycled paper, it can only lead to the collapse of the company.

Consumable comparison
One ton of waste paper can produce 850 kilograms of recycled paper of good quality, save 3 cubic meters of wood, save 100 cubic meters of water, save 300 kilograms of chemical raw materials, save 12,000 tons of coal, save 600 degrees, and produce according to Beijing Papermaking No.7 Plant. Calculated by 20,000 tons of office recycled paper, it can save 66,000 cubic meters of wood a year, equivalent to protecting 520,000 trees or increasing 5,200 acres of forest. China’s waste paper resources are very rich. The relevant data shows that China’s paper consumption is about 35 million tons per year, calculated by a third of waste, and the annual waste paper that can be recycled is more than 10 million tons. According to relevant information, Dongguan is one of the cities with the largest paper demand in the country. The annual demand for office paper and printing paper is at least 3.5 million tons. Today, the whole society is calling for environmental protection. If these papers are all made of recycled paper, it will save 10.5 million cubic meters of wood and a whole forest!
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