Automatic Production Equipment For Pulp Molded Products

Foreign pulp molded products have been developed for many years and are widely used in cushioning packaging for vulnerable products. In the year of the year, China introduced a production line of French pulp molded products for the production of pulp molded products for egg packaging. With the development of China’s economy and the awareness of environmental protection, pulp molded products have been developed in the direction of packaging of industrial instruments, electronic components, household appliances and fast food. According to statistics, China has an annual production capacity of hundreds of millions of pulp molded food packaging containers (tableware). At present, the production line of pulp molded products at home and abroad is mainly semi-automatic. Due to the poor quality and high cost of the products produced by the semi-automatic pulp molding production line, it is difficult to promote and apply them in large quantities. It has become an urgent task to develop a fully automatic pulp molding product line suitable for various product packaging (industrial packaging, tableware, etc.), high output, high degree of automation, low cost, and good product quality. This paper introduces the production process and equipment of fully automatic pulp molded products.

Production line process Automatic pulp molding product line process. After the slurry is disintegrated and beaten, the slurry is pumped to the storage tank, and then the slurry is mixed in the mixing tank, and the waterproofing agent, the oil repellent, etc. may be added according to the performance of the product; in the pulping box Add white water and water to adjust the slurry concentration to %#&8; in the vacuum suction molding, according to different performance requirements, wet blanks of different shapes and absolute dryness are made, and the white water extracted by the vacuum system enters the white pool. Through the transfer mechanism, the wet billet is transferred to the hot pressing and drying section for hot pressing, and the product is dried to a dryness of about 7″8. The pulp molded product used for packaging food is subjected to infrared sterilization.

“Automatic production equipment for pulp molded products

Automatic production equipment structure of pulp molded products Pulp molded products Automatic production equipment The whole structure of the machine is shown in the figure. It consists of a table forming machine, a table hot press, a table rolling horizontal moving trolley, a horizontal rail, and a rack. And automatic control and detection system, etc. The pulp molded product is obtained by suction molding and one-time hot pressing. The production process is: the prepared slurry is sent to the slurry tank; the molding die is moved by the cylinder to the slurry tank. Under the liquid level, the slurry is deposited on the lower mold by vacuum suction, and the mold is clamped with the upper mold, pressurized and dehydrated, and the upper and lower molds are separated, and the wet blank is transferred to the upper mold; the upper mold is moved to the hot press station. The hot pressing lower mold is combined with the forming upper mold, the wet blank is transferred to the hot pressing lower mold, and separated from the forming upper mold; the hot pressing upper mold and the hot pressing lower mold are combined to perform hot pressing setting; after setting, hot pressing The upper mold is separated from the hot pressing lower mold, and the product is sent to the receiving mechanism by the hot pressing upper mold. The hot pressing time is “multiple times of the molding time, and the working cycle can be completed”, the secondary molding, the right and left, and the second hot pressing setting. High production efficiency. Molding and drying of pulp molded products

At present, the molding method of pulp molded tableware is mainly by grouting molding.
In the pulp molding industry, the packaging products are mainly formed by suction molding. Grouting is to inject a certain concentration and volume of slurry into a molding frame with a strainer, and dewatering by gravity and vacuum suction of the slurry.

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