Research On Pulp Molding Process Control

Pulp molded products have the advantages of easy degradation and abundant raw material resources, and thus become an ideal substitute for EPS (expanded polystyrene) packaging materials. This paper analyzes and compares the production technology and equipment of pulp molded products at home and abroad.
On the basis of the discovery, the corresponding countermeasures for the problems existing in the production of pulp molded packaging products in China are proposed. Researched the relevant basic theories involved in the production line of pulp molded packaging products, including suitable for pulp molding production.
The rheological properties of the low consistency slurry, the design calculation theory of the slurry flow system, and the mechanism of the forming and hot pressing process. Based on the analysis of the production process of pulp molded packaging products, the mechanical system of the pulp molded packaging product line
Accurate design, including forming device, hot pressing sizing device, material conveying system, pneumatic system, etc., multi-objective optimization design of the load beam, improve the working precision and mold positioning accuracy of the beam. Analysis of the hot pressing drying process
The research provides a theoretical basis for the mold structure design and the arrangement of the heating tube. According to the heat conduction equation and the actual production experience, the corresponding hot pressing time of the wet billet is derived, which provides a basis for the control of the hot pressing process. Through orthogonal test and
The analysis of the results, the best combination of molding process parameters were selected, and the combination test was carried out. The absolute dry weight and moisture content of the wet blank achieved satisfactory results, which provided the process parameters for the design of the production line control system.
According to the characteristics of production process and equipment, based on the analysis of the inherent relationship between product quality and slurry concentration, vacuum degree, temperature and other factors, combined with the test and production practice, the production line fuzzy control system was designed. Actual production shows:
The fuzzy control system has stable performance and is suitable for the production characteristics of pulp molded packaging products.
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