Dry Pulp Paper Tray

Wet Pulp pressure paper tray: The material is bagasse, the product is environmentally friendly, can reach the level of food, and the appearance is beautiful. It is generally used in some grades or brand products, but the price of the mold and the unit price of the product will be higher. . After the product is formed, when the product is still wet, it is directly pressed with high temperature, and then the product comes out, so it is called wet pressure, and the production of the product is not affected by the weather. At present, the application of wet paper tray: electronic digital product paper tray (like mobile phone, router, set-top box, WIFI, digital camera paper tray, etc.), watch paper tray, cosmetic paper tray, product paper tray paper, food hygiene packaging paper tray , two sides smooth, white, natural, dyed pulp molding and other fields.
Dry paper tray: It is the kind of egg tray that ordinary shops see. The raw materials are waste newspapers, waste paper pulp, and the color is dark yellow. It is not very environmentally friendly, let alone hygiene, but the price and unit price of the mold will be slightly Low. After the product is molded, it needs to be dried in the sun, so it is called dry pressing, and the production of the product will be affected by the weather. At present, the application of dry paper trays includes: egg trays, medium and low-end products, and large-scale product packaging.
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