Wine Bottle Pulp Paper Tray

Pulp molding definition: also known as paper tray, is based on carton trim, newsprint, white pure pulp board (wood pulp board, sugar cane pulp board, bamboo pulp board, etc.) as raw materials, after pulping and blending into a certain proportion of pulp The slurry is formed on a customized CNC mold by vacuum adsorption molding, and the formed wet blank is dried, hot pressed and trimmed to form environmentally friendly paper products of different kinds and uses.
As an important loading, unloading, storage and transportation equipment, paper pallets are used more efficiently because of their high efficiency, safety and stability. Traditional wine bottle trays are made of foam and silk cloth or a combination of cardboard and specialty paper. They are not environmentally friendly, costly, and a single paper tray cannot hold the bottle.
From Best Plus Pulp We manufacture and customize the Pulp Paper Tray and Cartons, Shoe Pulp Tray, Egg Tray, Egg Cartons, Pulp Basket, Wine Pulp Tray and other customized Pulp packaging products. 

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