How To protect Pulp Paper Tray From Moisture During The Rainy Season?

How should the Pulp paper tray be protected from moisture, Summer is a season with more rain, in the rainy season. It is very necessary to prevent moisture and moisture. The paper tray is not completely moisture-proof, but it is attached with a moisture-proof coating on the surface to reduce the time of returning moisture. Therefore, the problem of moisture protection of paper tray products must be taken seriously, and it is necessary to meet the standards for moisture resistance.
Paper tray products
In the production process, in order to avoid the problem of moisture, the paper tray manufacturers will carry out moisture-proof and waterproof treatment in the manufacturing process. The main methods are as follows:
Method 1: Add liquid paraffin on the surface of the paper tray, put it into the product, wait for a while, and adsorb a layer of wax film on the surface of the product, so that the moisture-proof function can be realized.
Method 2: Apply oily material to the surface of the paper tray
Method 3: During the production of the paper tray, an appropriate amount of stone powder is added, so that the hardness of the paper tray is improved, and even if it is damp, it is still used.
As a professional paper tray manufacturer, the above is how the rainy paper tray we introduced to you should be moisture-proof. If you want to know more paper tray contents, or want to do paper tray, please contact us.
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