The Future Development Trend Of Pulp Paper Tray Packaging

China paper packaging industry has experienced different stages of development, and now it has established a considerable scale of production and has become an important part of the domestic manufacturing field. How to develop China’s packaging industry in the future? What are the characteristics? After investigation, the development of China’s packaging industry will show the following four major trends:
First, the packaging industry may further develop into individualized
In the past, China’s packaging industry was mainly to meet the rapid development of various fields, and has made great progress in manufacturing scale and process level. Due to the large demand, China’s packaging industry has begun to develop in batch and scale, meeting the needs of development. But at the same time, it has also opened up homogenization competition and price wars. With the development of society, branded products have gradually occupied a dominant position in the market. How to reflect the brand value on the packaging while leading the product quality has become the new requirement of the market for the packaging industry.
Second, the new sales format has spawned a new solution for packaging solutions.
“A kind of packaging means a consumer group in the market.” In China, not only large and medium-sized cities, even at the village-level sales outlets, consumers’ buying behavior is placed under the eyes of leading business executives. . How to provide solutions for the market and become a breakthrough in the packaging industry. Companies that are customer-oriented rather than researching the market will be phased out because they can’t keep up with customer demand, and new sales formats require packaging to solve new solutions.
Third, the packaging industry will develop in a holistic and systematic direction.
In the traditional sense, the system packaging scheme, such as buying packaging materials and sending machines, is constrained by the implementation of the anti-unfair competition law. But the market has never rejected the overall systemic solution.
The packaging field is not a superposition of a single packaging method, but rather a holistic consideration. As the market matures, suppliers who cannot provide complete solutions cannot systematically reduce packaging costs, and the bargaining power of customers will be weakened. Packaging companies need a holistic and systematic packaging method.
Fourth, the replacement of artificial packaging equipment has great potential in China.
Although the financial crisis has had a significant impact on China’s real economy, the difficulty of employment in many areas in previous years may have eased in 2009. But in the face of mass production, cheaper labor spreads on each package have increasingly shown its cost disadvantage.
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