Medical Drug Pulp Tray

At present, the medical industry has more and more applications for paper tray packaging. Whether it is for medical drugs or medical appliances, paper trays are very suitable for lining packaging options. Medical paper tray packaging can bring good moisture and impact resistance to the product, and can guarantee that the quality of medical drugs will not be affected by transportation, storage and other factors. Moreover, the environmentally friendly paper tray has strong plasticity and can be customized according to different medicines. Even products such as health care products can also create high-grade paper tray solutions, which can fully meet the paper tray packaging needs of customers in different medical industries!
Medical paper trays have good moisture, shock, anti-static, anti-corrosion properties, etc., which can prevent medical equipment products from being damaged during transportation, handling and stacking, and solve the problem that medical supplies are easily damaged. Environmentally-friendly paper tray packaging can provide better protection for medical equipment, and it can provide more high-quality and beautiful packaging for medical products, which enhances the added value of products. Moreover, the green packaging property can also make the products better exported to foreign countries and enter the foreign market!

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