6 Pulp Eggs Cartons Tray

Why Using Pulp Packaging

Environmentally sound ●Taking post consumer recycled materials and re-using them ●100% recyclable products-a genuine cradle-to-cradle cycle ●A clean manufacturing process-inputs...

Medical Drug Pulp Tray

At present, the medical industry has more and more applications for paper tray packaging. Whether it is for medical drugs...

White Pulp Packaging

Pulp Paper Industrial Trays

The production process of the pulp molding quality work package production line is: first, the worker puts the raw materials...

Pulp Food Packaging

Pulp Food Tableware Trays

The pulp molded tableware is made of pulp of several kinds of straw pulp of wood pulp, and is prepared...

6 Eggs Pulp Cartons Box 182

Pulp Egg Cartons Production

Pulp molded egg Cartons trays, pulp molded egg boxes, pulp molded fruit trays and other tray products are scrapped and...

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