Paper Tray Pulp Packaging Market

Such as PET, PEN, biodegradable plastics in environmentally-friendly degradable plastics (EDP), easy to store and transport, the market is developing very rapidly, and the use is expanding, except for the larger portion of dairy products and fruit sweat drinks. Further expand to the field of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and condiments.

Hot-packed plastic bottles in the packaging of juice and tea beverages, compared with traditional aseptic paper packaging, three-piece metal cans, glass bottle packaging, have lower cost, transparent material, light weight, not easy to break, good environmental protection and other advantages Therefore, it has been used more and more widely, and its dosage accounts for more than half of the total hot can market.
High barrier plastic packaging materials have been rapidly developed and widely used due to their ability to impart quality, freshness, flavor and extended shelf life, in addition to the widely used polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), ethylene and vinyl alcohol copolymers. In addition to (EVOH), in recent years, the development of environmentally friendly materials, promoting polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), polyethylene terephthalate (PEN), copolyamide (MXD6), silicon or aluminum oxide vapor film (soft glass ), the development of nano-inorganic materials, etc. will be more noticeable. Implement a mandatory elimination mechanism for processes and products that are high in consumption, heavy in pollution, and backward in technology, and implement price and fiscal and taxation policies that are conducive to resource conservation.

Nanocomposite packaging materials will be rapidly industrialized with the rapid development of nanotechnology, because their wear resistance, hardness, strength, barrier properties, and plasticity are significantly enhanced and improved. In addition to food packaging, they can also be used in special packaging. Anti-static, anti-electromagnetic, explosion-proof and invisible, dangerous goods packaging, etc., is expected to promote a huge change in traditional plastic packaging materials.

Developing a reincarnation economy is an important way to build a resource-conserving, environment-friendly society and achieve sustainable development. The plastics industry in the world has entered the era of energy conservation and environmental protection. Plastic packaging new materials, new processes, new technologies and new products are constantly emerging, and are highly functional and multifunctional. BOPP bottles have the following advantages: the improvement of heat resistance is through PP Stretching process, canning temperature can be improved to 100 degrees Celsius, the bottle mouth does not require special equipment to handle, and the oxygen barrier function can be greatly improved: BOPP bottle does not absorb moisture, and the storage period is longer.
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