Pulp Molded Medical Products

Pulp molded medical products are made from waste newspapers, used carton papers, used printed materials, and scraps from various paper products factories. They are prepared into a certain concentration of slurry by hydraulic disintegration, filtration, water injection, etc., and then The vacuum blank is vacuum-adsorbed into a special metal mold, and the formed wet blank is dried and hot pressed.
The production of pulp molded medical products is mainly from waste paper. It is rich in source and low in price. It is a comprehensive development and utilization of waste. The water used in the production process is closed and recycled. No waste water or waste gas is discharged. After the pulp molded products are used, the waste can be recycled and reused like ordinary paper. Even if it is abandoned in the natural environment, it is easily decomposed and broken down like ordinary paper. Organic substances are completely environmentally friendly products.
Characteristics of pulp molded medical products: single-use, degradable products, hygiene, and the risk of disease transmission have been used in most developed regions of the world.
Because different customers have different requirements for pulp molded medical products, even if the same customer is a product, the variety specifications of pulp molded industrial products are also diverse, and the demand is different.
Pulp molding medical supplies are mainly used in hospitals, nursing homes, welfare homes, and military. Such as URINAL BOTTLE and other Medical Products.

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