Pulp Egg Cartons Production

Pulp molded egg Cartons trays, pulp molded egg boxes, pulp molded fruit trays and other tray products are scrapped and filtered by waste newspapers, used carton papers, used printed materials, and scraps from various paper products factories. The water injection and other processes are formulated into a certain concentration of slurry, and then vacuum-adsorbed into a wet blank product on a special metal mold, and the formed wet blank is dried and hot-pressed.
The main raw materials of pulp molded egg Cartons tray, pulp molded egg box, pulp molded fruit tray and other tray products are waste paper, and is a comprehensive development and utilization of waste. The water used in the production process is closed and recycled. There is no waste water or exhaust gas. After the pulp molded products are used, the waste can be recycled and reused like ordinary paper. Even if it is abandoned in the natural environment, it is easy to rot and decompose into organic like ordinary paper. The substance is a completely environmentally friendly product.
Pulp molded egg cartons tray, pulp molded egg box, pulp molded fruit tray and other tray products. The main drying energy can be selected: diesel, natural gas, according to the local price of these kinds of energy, customers can choose which A relatively inexpensive one; coal or heavy oil can also be used, but it needs to be utilized by steam or a heat-conducting boiler, and the investment cost and area of ​​the equipment will increase.
Pulp molded egg carons tray, pulp molded egg box, pulp molded fruit tray and other tray products have been used in the world for many years, with its good protection performance, low price car to egg and fruit product packaging The ideal product.

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