Pulp Molding Packaging

ThePulp packaging of paper products can be recycled. After being discarded, it will be similar to the decomposition and decomposition of plants in the natural environment. It will not cause obstacles to the environment and recycling, and is favored by consumers. Paper products are produced by pulp molding. The so-called pulp molding is to break the waste paper or finished pulp into pulp, add appropriate amount of waterproofing agent, use vacuum adsorption and other modeling methods, and adopt the mold corresponding to the shape of the product. Molding, such as containers, trays, shields, industrial cushioning products, can be used with corrugated boxes to facilitate shock-proof cushioning during long-distance transportation.
In the future, the demand for environmental protection is getting higher and higher, and it can be predicted that the pulp molding industry will achieve great development. The completion of this process is inseparable from the molding of the mold. In the future, the pulp molding industry will grow stronger and stronger, and more molds will be needed. The strong market demand will promote the development of China’s mold industry.
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