Development Of Pulp Molded Tableware

Pulp molded food packaging materials (including catering utensils, food trays, etc.) are widely used in 100% recyclable sugar cane pulp, wood pulp and other raw pulp as the main basic materials, using pulp molding unique process technology. An emerging technology-based green product for food packaging, he plays an important role in replacing white-contaminated food packaging.
  Pulp molded food packaging products account for about 90% of your tableware packaging substitutes, and are unique among green products.
   The development of disposable Chinese tableware began in the 1980s. The end result was that EPS tableware began to be widely used in Chinese fast food packaging due to its low raw materials and simple technical processes.
    Later, the pollution of the eps tableware gradually appeared, and it began to be pointed out by thousands of people. With the advancement of technology, some people have grafted the pulp molding process into the food packaging industry. In the mid-to-late 1990s, China’s domestic research on disposable degradable tableware increased its efforts and made breakthroughs. The disposable pulp molded tableware has been improved, and its performance in strength, heat resistance, water resistance and oil resistance has been significantly improved. From the current situation in the domestic market to choose the use of eps tableware substitutes, pulp molded tableware is about 90%, and the remaining substitutes account for only about 10%.
In the research and development of pulp molding tableware equipment, the company is the first company in China to invest in the development and production of pulp molding equipment. For many years, it has been committed to the research and development of the field of pulp molding equipment. Up to now, we have owned all kinds of production machines in the field of pulp molding equipment, and obtained nearly 40 industrial technology patents. As a manufacturer of high-grade pulp molding equipment, in recent years, it has focused on the development and production of pulp-molded tableware, and hopes to promote the widespread use of pulp-molded and environmentally-friendly tableware in China and around the world.
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