What Kind Of Paper Tray Is Standard

The first is to rely on the support rib design of the product and the cushioning cavity formed by the product. The design of the support rib can play a crucial role in the elastic deformation of the paper-wrapped product, that is, the main basis of the design of the support rib is the product itself. Shape and use.
Judging from the quality and use of the current paper-wrapped products, the maximum load capacity can reach 200 kg. The shape of the product is not too complicated, and the product lining package with a weight of less than 50 kg is the best choice.
Here we will briefly introduce these common senses, I hope you will be assisted. With the existing skill level, the thickness of the finished paper products is roughly between 1mm and -6mm, and the thickness of common products is mostly adhered to. About 2.5mm; the buffering result of the paper mold packaging is mainly achieved by applying the elastic deformation of the paper wall when it is impacted, and then slowing down the external force. The flexibility of the paper model data itself is not high.
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