Future Pulp Paper Molding Market

Tableware products and industrial packaging products produced by pulp molding technology are truly environmentally friendly products. They use natural plant fiber or waste paper as raw materials, and there is no pollution during the production process and use process. In addition to its positive role in replacing disposable plastic tableware, pulp molded products are also widely used in industrial products as packaging for electronic products. Pulp molded products are gradually entering the mainstream of commercial activities, and it is currently the foam plastic products. The best alternative product, the pulp molding products industry is booming.
        According to incomplete statistics, the domestic market needs about 50 billion pieces of environmentally-friendly food packaging products, including: the annual demand for fast tableware is about 20 billion pieces, and the total demand for all kinds of instant noodle noodle bowls exceeds 20 billion pieces. The annual demand for clean dishes and food trays and various beverage cups is about 10 billion pieces.
        Domestic large and medium-sized cities (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Wuhan, Chengdu, etc.) need about 20 billion pieces of environmentally-friendly pulp fast food boxes and bowls. In addition, from now on to the replacement of foamed plastic drinking utensils with pulp-free instant noodle bowls, the annual demand for 20 billion pieces, including: “Master Kong” in the country’s production plants need more than 1.5 billion green pulp buckets per year, “unified enterprise “In the country’s production plants need more than 1.2 billion environmentally-friendly pulp barrels, other medium-sized convenience food factories (such as Japan “Nissin”, Guizhou “superstar”, Guangxi “black five”, Sichuan Mianyang “Guangyou”, Shandong “Longfeng” “Huafeng”, Shanghai “Nongxin”, Shenyang “Longdi”, Wuxi “Zhongcui”, etc.) need 9 billion pieces of environmentally-friendly pulp packaging bowls according to the existing production capacity, and there are 380 small and convenient in the country. The food factory needs about 8 billion pieces of environmentally friendly pulp packaging bowls every year.
        Pulp environmentally friendly tableware not only has a broad market prospect in China, but has been used as the main means of controlling “white pollution” in developed countries in the early 1990s. At present, the United States has announced that 8,500 restaurants will stop using PSP material lunch boxes, which consume about 10 billion pieces per year. There are 67.39 million people who buy various specifications of trays every day, with an annual consumption of about 50 billion pieces. The US fast food industry and supermarkets have a total of 100 billion pieces of food trays per year, while their domestic production capacity is only 20%, and the remaining 80% need to be imported from abroad. Five states in the United States have issued a notice of the governor. In 2010, they completely banned the use of plastic food packaging and catering equipment, and replaced them with food packaging, supermarket fresh trays and catering utensils produced from environmentally friendly “pulp” raw materials. This replacement process directly creates a market share of approximately $25 billion in environmentally friendly food packaging products.
        Japan’s fast food industry and supermarkets have a production tray of 60 billion pieces per year, while its domestic production capacity is only 40%, and the remaining 60% need to be imported. The use of developed countries in South Korea, Taiwan and Western Europe exceeds tens of billions a year, and Southeast Asia is also an ideal international market for future product exports. The EU countries passed the bill in June 2006, and by 2010, all plastic food packaging will be withdrawn from the food packaging and catering market, and replaced with natural non-toxic and harmless “pulp” environmentally-friendly food packaging products. This alternative process can directly create environmental protection. The market for food packaging products is about 30 billion euros. Japan, South Korea and other Asian and Asian markets are gradually replacing. By 2010, this replacement process can directly create sales of environmentally-friendly food packaging products with a market value of about 18 billion US dollars.
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