Pulp Dozen Eggs Cartons

How do egg cartons protect eggs?

Whether made of pulp, foam or clear plastic, the carton insulates the eggs from jolts. New package designs are constantly being tested to provide...

Are egg cartons biodegradable?

Are egg cartons biodegradable?

Egg cartons are typically made of paper or styrofoam materials. Paper egg cartons are a much better choice for this project for several...

Pulp 6 Eggs Cartons

Greenest Egg Box For Easter

Best Plus Pulp Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of molded pulp packaging for the interior protection of a wide range...

egg cartons

Recycling Pulp Packaging

Recycling Pulp Packaging is important pole in Packaging field, which is good to environment and human life. About Recycling Pulp...

Egg Pulp Paper Carton

Pulp Molding Production Process

Papermaking has become a world-wide industrial industry. Various paper and paper products have penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives,...

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