12 eggs pulp cartons Tray

Range of Pulp Paper Trays

In everyday life, the use of paper is indispensable for everyone. So what about the use of paper trays? What...

Paper Pulp 6 Eggs Cartons grey 158

Gama de bandejas de papel pulpa.

En la vida cotidiana, el uso del papel es indispensable para todos. Entonces, ¿qué pasa con el uso de bandejas...

Pulp Cardboard 10 Eggs Cartons Poultry 159

Pulp Paper Tray Packaging Production Process

The production process of pulp paper tray is divided into dry pressing method and wet pressing method: Dry pressing paper...

18 Eggs Pulp Cartons Tray

Proceso de producción del embalaje de la bandeja de papel de pulpa

El proceso de producción de la bandeja de papel de pulpa se divide en método de prensado en seco y...

10 Pulp Eggs Cartons Tray 141

Pulp Paper Tray Packaging

(1) Pulp molded products are made of plant fiber pulp or waste paper products which can be completely recycled and...

pulp egg cartons

Embalaje de la bandeja de pulpa de papel

(1) Los productos de pulpa moldeada están hechos de pulpa de fibra vegetal o productos de papel de desecho que...

pulp egg tray

Bandeja de papel ecológica de alta calidad

El producto moldeado de pulpa está hecho de trozos de papel y pulpa de madera blanca pura. Se moldea y...

pulp egg cartons

High-Grade Environmentally Friendly Pulp Paper Tray

The pulp molded product is made of paper scraps and white pure wood pulp. It is molded and adsorbed, and...




Pulp Paper Tray Packaging Materials

Pulp Paper Tray Packaging Materials

Pulp Paper tray packaging materials—-cane pulp introductionIn the paper tray packaging industry, sugar cane pulp and corrugated pulp are the...

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