Supermarket Egg Carton Packs

Pulp Egg Cartons / Egg Boxes, are for Supermarket Egg Carton Packs. They are as a sales pakcaging. Color Pulp Egg Cartons are hot sales and attractive boxes packaging. The Egg producers, Egg Distributors, Egg Farms companies, would like to sell their Fresh Eggs to Markets.
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What are pulp egg cartons?
Egg cartons come in three egg-citing flavors: pulp, foam and plastic. Pulp Egg cartons are usually made from a mixture of paper, water and grass fibers, and the Pulp Egg Cartons are popular to Egg Pack markets.
Paper egg cartons are made from molded pulp which is a mix of recycled papers, cardboard and other materials.
egg cartons supermarket.
An egg carton can be made of various materials, including foamed plastics such as polystyrene foam, clear plastic or may be manufactured from recycled paper and molded pulp by means of a mechanized papier-mâché process.
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Each individual container holds one dozen chicken eggs and is designed to enclose and protect your eggs. These empty cartons are perfect for selling, transporting, organizing, and storing your farm-fresh eggs.
This structure helps protect eggs against stresses exerted during transportation and storage by absorbing a lot of shock and limiting the incidents of fracture to the fragile egg shells.
Egg cartons are considered one-time-use packaging.
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Molded fiber packaging is very sustainable, 100% biodegradable and ideal for all your corporate branding needs.
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