6 Pulp Eggs Cartons Tray

Turkey Egg Export-Pulp Carton Supplier

In 2007, as turkiye’s total export was 68 million dollar.In the year 2008, 120 million dollars of export was performed...

12 Pulp Eggs Cartons Tray

Fresh Eggs Export-Pulp Cartons

Pulp Egg Cartons are for protection and transportation of Fresh eggs when shipping, especially for egg export. Globally, fresh eggs...

Egg Pulp Paper Carton


PAPER PULP CARDBOARD EGG CARTONS is eco and biodegradable packagings, which for any type eggs. All of the pulp paper...

12 Pulp Eggs Cartons Tray

Pulp Egg Cartons Box

Pulp Egg Cartons Box are usually used for farm fress egg packaging, also can be sales packages.All of our Pulp...

6 Pulp Eggs Cartons Tray

Pulp Molded Paper Tray

Pulp molding packaging, commonly known as paper tray, is an emerging industry that currently belongs to the environmental protection industry....

Pulp Dozen Eggs Cartons

How do egg cartons protect eggs?

Whether made of pulp, foam or clear plastic, the carton insulates the eggs from jolts. New package designs are constantly being tested to provide...

Are egg cartons biodegradable?

Are egg cartons biodegradable?

Egg cartons are typically made of paper or styrofoam materials. Paper egg cartons are a much better choice for this project for several...

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