Pulp Molding Its Mold Design

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, foamed plastic products are increasingly restricted. Foam plastic disposable tableware has been banned from production and sales, and foamed plastic products used as industrial packaging have become a major commodity in China. obstacle. Paper-based molding has been included in the Ninth Five-Year Plan of China’s packaging industry, and a major focus of the development of the application of paper-based materials, including paper mold products, in the Ninth Five-Year Plan. Paper, as a packaging material history has been a long time, but due to its poor plasticity and small elongation, traditional paper products are formed by folding to meet packaging needs, such as various corrugated paper, honeycomb paper, cardboard boxes, paper bags, Paper tube, etc. Pulp molded products are a rising star in the paper packaging family, which originates from papermaking and has its own advantages and personality. In addition to the strength and toughness of general paper products, pulp molded products can be made into various shapes according to requirements to meet the requirements of the packaging, positioning and buffering of the package, and can completely replace the foam into the packaging.
First, the basic production process of pulp molded products
        The base material and auxiliary agent of the pulp molded product are the same as the paper, and the process is also very close, except that the pulp molded product is formed on the net mold. When the pulp passes through the net mold, the fibers are trapped by the net mold, the water is filtered off, and formed into a net shape, and the pulp fibers are hydrogen-bonded by fibers to form a wet paper blank. The wet paper blank is then dried or heat set and finally becomes a pulp molded product. This is the basic process of forming a pulp molded product.
Second, the characteristics of pulp molding mold
        Pulp molding is the use of a mold to shape paper products in a pulp state, and therefore, the mold is the key to pulp molding technology. The use of pulp molding to produce disposable fast tableware, because the product only has boxes, bowls and plates, the shape is relatively simple and has certain versatility. When pulp molding is used in industrial packaging and other aspects, the products are relatively large, the shape is very complicated, and the one type is the same, and there is no versatility, and the mold design and manufacture must be accompanied. When the pulp molded product is formed, it is very different from the rubber and plastic products formed in the cavity. The slurry used for forming the pulp molded product is an aqueous solution containing only the left and right fibers, and it is necessary to ensure that most of the water flows off, so The pulp molded product forming mold must be a mesh mold. Pulp molding is a continuous process of discharging a large amount of water in a slurry. The paper product has a certain thickness on the mesh mold and has a deposition process, so that the product must be formed on the surface of a single convex or concave mesh mold. Forming; the forming process of the pulp molded product is also a filtering process. As the thickness is increased, the filtration performance is lowered, and the thickness forming speed is lowered, so that the wall thickness is simultaneously performed when the product is formed. Regardless of the complexity of the shape of the product, the wall thickness is uniform throughout. The pulp molded article is formed into a wet paper blank having a water content, because the power for pushing the slurry to the mesh mold is vacuum, and the maximum force is not more than one atmosphere. The initially formed wet paper blank is adsorbed on the net mold, and the wet strength is very low. After the other convex or concave mold corresponding to the mold is clamped, the wet paper blank is placed in the mold cavity after the mold clamping, and the air pressure is used. In the transfer, the pulp molded article is formed on a single convex or concave mold and transferred in the mold cavity after the mold clamping. Due to these particularities of pulp molding, the difficulty of product design and mold design is increased.
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