Pulp Molding Process Foaming Process

The lining of the cushioning package is generally made of foamed plastic. The entry of plastic products into daily life has brought a lot of convenience to people. However, the white pollution caused by some plastic products is also shocking. After the waste plastic packaging enters the environment, it is difficult to degrade, resulting in long-term and deep-level Eco-environmental problems: First, waste plastic packaging is mixed in the soil, affecting the absorption of nutrients and water by crops, resulting in reduced crop yields; second, discarding waste plastic packaging in land or water, which is swallowed by animals as food, resulting in Animal deaths (in zoos, pastoral areas and oceans, such conditions are not uncommon); third, waste plastic packaging mixed into domestic garbage is difficult to handle: landfill disposal will occupy land for a long time, and domestic garbage mixed with plastic will not Suitable for composting, the sorted waste plastics are difficult to recycle due to the inability to guarantee quality.

        At present, although the pulp molding manufacturing process is mature, there are related data showing that the foaming process can improve the cushioning performance of pulp molded products, but the foaming field of pulp molded products is still in the preliminary exploration stage, and there is no specific foaming at present. The method can be consulted. Therefore, we need to determine the amount of pulp, the amount of binder, the drying temperature and the drying time based on the relevant data and the test data of the existing test results, and consult the relevant data to propose several experiments. The program, the finished product, and then through a large number of experiments to optimize the test formula, the best experimental development test program, through a large number of experiments, continuous exploration, continuous improvement, develop a reasonable formula to achieve the foaming of pulp molded products .

        Since the pulp material as a raw material is light and soft, it has good protection and cushioning properties.

        Pulp molded products come from a wide range of sources. Commercial pulp, homemade pulp, paper-processed trim and recycled waste paper pulp can be used as raw materials according to different product requirements. In particular, the use of waste paper pulp can greatly reduce packaging costs.
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