Pulp Paper Tray Product Benefits

Structural design of paper tray products
Structural elements of paper tray products
The design of cushioning packaging structural elements is the basis of the structural design of paper tray products. At present, the design of structural elements of paper tray products in China is still in the primary design stage. The basic structural elements of paper tray products usually include waveform, table shape, hemispherical shape. Among them, waveforms and table shapes are more common. In actual design, most of them are combined with a series of ribs to improve the performance of various aspects of the elements, in order to achieve a good buffering effect and adapt to the packaging requirements of different products.
The performance of the basic structural elements is mainly reflected by the carrying capacity, the absorption of impact energy and the resilience.
Carrying capacity
Different paper tray cushioning structures are used, and the static load and deformation are different. General research and testing have demonstrated the load-deformation of static testing of ideal cushioning packaging structural elements. The forces on the contents of the package are not increased, and the ability is completely absorbed by the paper tray. The test proves that the important factor affecting the bearing capacity is the slope. From the single bearing capacity, the smaller the side slope of the cushioning structure, the higher the bearing capacity, but the slope is considered from the paper forming process. Small, will affect the release of the paper tray.

  1. Energy absorption
    The paper tray can absorb the external energy during the product circulation process, thereby protecting the product. The greater the energy absorbed, the better the buffering capacity. In addition, the degree of energy absorption is related to the physical state of the paper tray such as density, quality and deformation law.
  2. Resilience
    The paper tray is restored to the original state size after loading, which is very important for the structure of the paper tray. For a good structural design of the paper tray, there is a great advantage in the resilience for the product in the process of transportation. The better the protection, therefore, we must require the designer to consider the structure, process and other aspects in the design process at the initial stage of the product.

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