Pulp Paper Industrial Trays

The production process of the pulp molding quality work package production line is: first, the worker puts the raw materials into the pulper to complete the pulping, and then automatically injects the slurry into the fully automatic molding machine, and then fully completes the molding and drying. The hot pressing process, the finished product is automatically sent out, and it can be packed by hand. According to the requirements of different customers, there is a need for another trimming process, such as mobile phone, camera and other products. This process needs to be done manually. Users can choose according to actual needs.
The products produced are smooth and have high density, so the stiffness is good, the surface of the product is not easy to drop paper scraps, and it is especially suitable for the packaging of fine electronic products.

From Best Plus Pulp www.bestpluspulp.com We manufacture and customize the Pulp Paper Tray and Cartons, Shoe Pulp Tray, Egg Tray, Egg Cartons, Pulp Basket, Wine Pulp Tray and other customized Pulp packaging products.  
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