Why Using Pulp Packaging

Environmentally sound
●Taking post consumer recycled materials and re-using them
●100% recyclable products-a genuine cradle-to-cradle cycle
●A clean manufacturing process-inputs are water and recycled material. Outputs are water and finished product
●Excellent protection of products and suitable for huge variety of categories including electronics
●Highly versatile options for molding to suit application and design requirements
●Most products are nestable , stackable = freight efficient and efficient for warehousing
Brand enhancing
●Clearly recognizable to consumers as environmentally sound packaging
●Allows great opportunity to turn protective packaging into a brand story-as per method
●Inexpensive and affordable mold
●Inexpensive and stable material prices and inputs

From Best Plus Pulp www.bestpluspulp.com We manufacture and customize the Pulp Paper Tray and Cartons, Shoe Pulp Tray, Egg Tray, Egg Cartons, Pulp Basket, Wine Pulp Tray and other customized Pulp packaging products.  
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Email: vip@bestpluspulp.com

Web: www.bestpluspulp.com

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