Pulp Egg Carton Production

Pulp Egg Carton Production is a complex process in manufacturing. That need invest a lot for making a egg cartons. We make the solid Egg Cartons for protecting Fresh Eggs.
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In the fresh egg production market, we can usually see humble egg trays or egg box packaging. The packaging is stacked with neat and delicate egg products, and thousands of eggs are stacked on top of each other. It seems simple and simple packaging, but its production process is much more difficult than we thought.
Pulp Egg Carton Production
The production process of egg trays or egg cartons usually includes four parts, namely pulp, forming, drying and packaging. The egg carton making machine is a new type of pulp molding production line modified from egg tray or egg cartons equipment, and its production process covers The production process of the paper egg tray machine, so the production process of the egg carton must add a hot pressing process after the egg tray drying process, and then package.
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The pulping system is the first step in the pulp molding production process, and even an important part of the entire paper industry, with the purpose of turning waste paper into pulp. Usually, in this process, the raw materials of egg trays and egg boxes (such as corrugated paper, carton leftovers, etc.) are mixed and crushed in a hydraulic pulper. At this time, the pulp has many impurities, so it needs to be separated by impurities. Only by screening, degreasing and dissolving can a smoother and uniform pulp be obtained. In order to give the product special functions (such as waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, etc.), it is necessary to add a small amount of functional additives to the slurry tank for slurry preparation, and add clear water and white water for production. Because pulp is used in various production processes, the purity of the pulp directly affects the damage of the equipment, so a powerful pulping system is very important for the entire process.
The molding system is the second step and core part of the pulp molding production process. The system mainly includes vacuum pumps, air compressors, pulp molding machines and cleaning equipment. Among them, the pulp molding machine is the key equipment of the molding system, and it is also the direct cause of the different manufacturing processes of egg trays and egg cartons. In addition, the vacuum pump is helpful for molding, while the air compressor is used to remove the wet product from the mold. After the wet embryo is demolded, the cleaning equipment is quickly and neatly flushed to maintain the mold and the machine and ensure the quality of each final product. average. The equipment process needs to be carried out in an orderly and precise manner, without interruption, to ensure the continuity of production.
After the wet embryo is demolded, it needs to be dried. Among them, in the history of the drying process, there are a variety of drying modes to choose from.
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The use of paper pulp egg boxes helps reduce pollution and protects the environment, which is in line with contemporary people’s life concepts. In today’s society, egg food is an indispensable physical object in daily life. With the increasing sales of eggs, it also drives the use of side-industrial commodities (egg trays). Egg trays and egg boxes are Must not be less.
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100% recycled flat-top egg carton is great for labels and customization with our custom rubber egg carton stampers or custom egg carton labels. Our Pulp egg trays are manufactured from clean corrugated paper.
Molded fiber packaging is very sustainable, 100% biodegradable and ideal for all your corporate branding needs.
Best Plus Pulp Company can make best pulp packages for your requirement of egg boxes/ egg cartons.
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